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Monday, September 13, 2004


ENGLISH BULLDOG, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

My most beloved French Bulldog Dodo -so often pictured, drawed and painted in my works-was just this close to be a TV star. He would be starring an ad but someone thought an English Bulldog would do better. No hard feelings though, we wish him the best and can't wait to see him on Tv. Talking about English Bulldogs, Tyson is a kind of absolutly amazing one. Sans rancune et toujours heureux, Dodo will keep on modelling just for me. Now, after a nice birthday party weekend in Alentejo, we are back home and we are really busy shopping some must haves for Fall/Winter 2003/2004 at Trixie + Peanut. For Fashion connaisseurs dogs only.


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