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Friday, September 03, 2004


CIMG0069, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

I draw and I paint lots of winged characters, mostly girls and people tend to call them angels, but I have to say here that they are wrong. Ask one of my girls if she is an angel. She will answer: "I am not a bird, but I fly. I have wings, but I am not an angel too. Angels are rather spiritual charming creatures and I am really working on it but I still am a material girl. So, I am just a lady who flies. I am so light I can fly. You just need a warm wind blowing, a green prairie (to take off by the running method}, a blue sea, a white wall (to take off by the jumping method) and a soft blue parrot colinnette point 5 yarn knitted jacket . Nice oufit and beautiful shoes are required, off course. Then, take off. If you are light enough, you will fly. Heavy souls never, never get to fly."


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