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Friday, October 29, 2004


Disco, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

This is a painting I made a few years ago (two, I guess) for my favourite club's birthday party. It is part of a set of three paintings, measuring about 3 m long. I think it was my first plastering experience on paintings (I used to plaster on walls and paint them afterwards or mixing the pigment into the plaster, as stucco, more or less). I kept on plastering, I like rough textures and I get the sensation that I am painting on a wall and not trying to make some "serious art". And sometimes I like to paint the world as my dog Dodo would see it. The view he gets from his 30 cm height... My first picture in this blog was one of these views. Anyway, I had lots of fun painting the one I am posting today. I used plaster, gold leaf, wax, water paint, acrylic paint, calligraphic ink, vintage wallpaper and matt varnish, so it could stand the highlights of the party. Now it's afterparty time and the painting lives happily in a beautiful white house in Alentejo. And, by the way, the club is FRÁGIL.


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