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Thursday, November 25, 2004


LA BLANCA PALOMA, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

La Blanca Paloma is a very powerful and protective mandala. This image, loaded of enormous power , irradiates good vibrations to the most important areas of my life and the ones' I love. La Blanca Paloma's effects will remain in me no matter what shape I choose for my next lives-to-come.
"Esperame en el cielo, corazón, si tu te vas primero y alli entre nubes de algodón haremos nuestro nido", is the prayer written on it. It is all about life and eternal love. Actually these are lyrics from "Esperame en el cielo", sang by the 70's italian singer Mina and also one of Pedro Almodovar's perfect moviesongs. A strong, powerful prayer takes love words. So, get them for your next flight attempt.
I will be delighted to show you this and more paintings at Baby Feira Mix or in my studio.
100 cms x 100 cms , acrylic, waterpaint, and ink, painted on plaster. No need to have faith, sucess benefits guaranteed even under bad weather conditions and crazy times.


At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooh, its gorgeous! (i love your site by the way)


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