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Thursday, August 04, 2005


GIRL PATCH ON ORANGE BAG, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

The inspiration came from an old fabric from Ikea, beautiful but slightly boring to me. Different coloured squares on a white background. The inside of each square beeing white too, they seemed to me the perfect frame for a face, a sun, a flower, a cat or something else.

I cut off the squares and began the fun work: selecting leftovers from my vintage fabric collection and some felt, cutting them into very simple shapes, making girls, cats and sun faces and stitching them with the help of Pat, my precious assistant.

I made small bags out of them, using the square full size (they are about 20 x 25 cms) for the front and a solid color for the back, lined them with a contrasting solid color fabric and added a silk cord handle. I will make sure there will be one left for myself, it will be perfect just for carrying my ipod and my camera this summer (no cell phone on holiday).
I have also made huge bright coloured totes, in orange and apple green, stitching the squares as patches, using this light printed cotton fabric as lining material and large denim straps as handles.
Some pictures are in my bags photoset on flickr.
I must take more pictures of the larger ones and will post them soon.

Redcurrent links are great fun to browse. I have been taking black tea and watching Kathreen's selection of bags and tutorials and that made of my evening a very pleasant one.

And I am so happy that Camilla is back, I missed her writing and artwork a lot.

Tomorrow, I will try to finish my bags orders and go on with my paintings, since I will only go on vacation once all work is ready and delivered. I can't wait to leave but I realize that I like my work so much that I feel happy just the same way.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Strikkelise said...

I'm such a fan of your appliquéd patches.

At 4:35 AM, Blogger kath red said...

hi hilda,
i love these appliques girls on your bags, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. i love the hair and the fabric you use.


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