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Thursday, December 15, 2005


COLINETTE POINT 5 HAT, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

This is a great yarn since you choose the right project, otherwise you can have sad surprises (I have tried knitting a sweater using this yarn and unraveled it soon after I tried it on me... the yarn is too bulky and I looked in a quite fat/tubular shape). The knitwork is fast and easy though and the dyes are beautiful. I use Colinette for making most of my dolls' hairdos and for knitting skinny fringed scarves and hats.
I knitted this hat on 9mmm double pointed needles using colinette point 5 in "cherry", "summer berries" and "moss", making up the pattern as I knitted it: a few rows of ribbing, then stockinette stitch and the right decreases at the last rows. The best thing about knitting with dpns is that you have no seams to do, just weave in the ends and it is over. The yellow flower is crocheted (just a chain and single crochet stitch at the center of the flower).

Fits adult size.

Handspun yarns: Laine Zinzin.

Boys knit, says the Yarn Boy.
Drew knits and crochets beautifully... I guess he will soon be showing us his sewing skills.
Men knit.


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