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Thursday, September 16, 2004


RAW RADISH, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Teenage pains hurt exactly like eating your own heart. A violently ripped apart, bitter, old and raw heart. Cold. Yet a heart that beats so loud, shinning bright as a red horseradish with a green neon hair on top, splashed with sprinkling diamondlike tiny waterdrops all over. Craving for love but crying and shouting for gold, dancing Kizomba all the time, Mimi is getting back to school tomorrow. With all my love that heals and a large mug of cinnamon and lemon warm milk (put a lemon zest and a stick of Ceylan cinnamon into boiling milk and let it infuse for just a few seconds, add a spoonful of honey and some vanilla in case the night is hard and the dreams are black), I wish her the very best. And OM.


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