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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


knitting in the beach, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Seawater was really warm in sweet Almeria, so most of the time we were swimming and diving but I still could manage to do some knitting. Wise enough, I promess myself I would only make small projects I would be able to start and finish the very same day or I would quit and go swimming all the time. It had to be be quick and fun and easy. And I think I did some nice knitwork. I was feeling in a kind of a natural high so I was quite inspired. (I love this expression Natural High. It is the name of a song from a girl named Paradise- Vanessa Paradis- great name for a girl, isn't it?). Actually the point is not knitting everywhere, the point is knitting in special places. Now I am back, my eyes are full of swirling beautiful images, my hands craving for some creative action and I am glad I am here.


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