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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Camilla has been tagged for idiosyncracy by Me Cozy and for the five things meme by Queenthings. Beeing tagged twice, she remixed it and made things much easier for me.
So there it goes.

I hate: blood (it reminds me of deseases), sweat (it smells) and tears (I can't deal with other people crying, wet eyes make me burst into tears and it hurts). Is that an idiosyncrasy?
I work: in a chaotic space, disorder stimulates me, too much organization paralizes me. Reorganizing my chaos helps me balancing my ideas, solving problems and cleaning my mind. Then it is chaos again.
I can't stand: people who dare not to like my dog.
I eat: in bed. Some evenings, I take my laptop in my bed and spend hours browsing in the internet, watching dvds and eating delicious treats.
I love: going to places where there is nothing to do. If I really want to do things I would find or create something, or just enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing, which can turn into a quite revealing experience too. I love snakes and reptiles. I love walking on the wild side. I love talking to strangers. I love listening to other people's conversations. I love collecting voices and secrets. I love loudly singing Joe le Taxi in the car and in the shower.
Whenever I am angry: I love wearing my red high healed boots and silently singing in my mind these Nancy Sinatra's song lyrics: These boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do, and one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

5 albums:
Blues de la Frontera, by Pata Negra, an album released in the late eighties that I have bought in Sevilla where I lived at the time, now in my ipod, I love this flamenco blues.
Endorfinas en la Mente, by Chambao, flamenco chill out that reminds me of Cadiz, one my favourite places to be.
Pafuera Telarañas, by Bebe, a spanish hip hop singer whom I have just discovered, her lyrics talk about beaten women and violent guys. A boost of strength, anger and joy, in a very positive way. She is great.
Shaft, by Isaac Hayes, the sexiest male's voice on earth.
Cinema, by Rodrigo Leão, it means so much to me that I keep listening that album again and again.

5 songs:
All my my Grill, Missy Elliot and MC Solaar.
Joy, Isaac Hayes.
Spanish Stroll, Mink Deville (punk, sexy voice).
L'eau à la bouche, lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg, sang by Vanessa Paradis.
Pull Marine, lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg, sang by Isabelle Adjani (she can't sing, actually, but the sound of her voice and breath is beautiful).
L'eau à la bouche, sang by Serge Gainsbourg himself (and now I have no words to define his voice).

Nice things:
Only nice things happen to me. Only nice things happen to me. Only nice things happen to me. (These kind of mantras use to work, right?).

I easily forget names and stories from new movies and can remember old movies that I loved. Shall I remember them once they get old?

It is my turn now to tag 5:
Lori Joy
João Pedro.


Oficialmente de férias e por tempo indeterminado, esperam-me três destinos, todos junto ao mar, mas sem internet. Seja como for, hei-de arranjar maneira de ler e responder aos mails que me enviarem, de visitar os blogs e sites habituais e de continuar sempre em contacto.

I am leaving...
Just me, my family (including dear Dodo), and three different destinations, all by the sea. No internet, but I will manage to keep in touch.

Friday, August 05, 2005


BUSY, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


TAG, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.


SUNSUN PATCH, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.


SUNSUN PATCH, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.


GIRL PATCH ON ORANGE BAG, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

The inspiration came from an old fabric from Ikea, beautiful but slightly boring to me. Different coloured squares on a white background. The inside of each square beeing white too, they seemed to me the perfect frame for a face, a sun, a flower, a cat or something else.

I cut off the squares and began the fun work: selecting leftovers from my vintage fabric collection and some felt, cutting them into very simple shapes, making girls, cats and sun faces and stitching them with the help of Pat, my precious assistant.

I made small bags out of them, using the square full size (they are about 20 x 25 cms) for the front and a solid color for the back, lined them with a contrasting solid color fabric and added a silk cord handle. I will make sure there will be one left for myself, it will be perfect just for carrying my ipod and my camera this summer (no cell phone on holiday).
I have also made huge bright coloured totes, in orange and apple green, stitching the squares as patches, using this light printed cotton fabric as lining material and large denim straps as handles.
Some pictures are in my bags photoset on flickr.
I must take more pictures of the larger ones and will post them soon.

Redcurrent links are great fun to browse. I have been taking black tea and watching Kathreen's selection of bags and tutorials and that made of my evening a very pleasant one.

And I am so happy that Camilla is back, I missed her writing and artwork a lot.

Tomorrow, I will try to finish my bags orders and go on with my paintings, since I will only go on vacation once all work is ready and delivered. I can't wait to leave but I realize that I like my work so much that I feel happy just the same way.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


SILKFLOWER HORSE DETAIL, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


FEMALES' TALK, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Feliz a ver crescer os meus cavalos.

Pink & Purple Hairdye vive agora na Suécia, com a talentosa Camilla.

Boudoir, le Magnifique, o primeiro, voou para Richmond, Virginia, onde é mimado pela Debbie.

Flower conheceu uma japonesa chamada Makiko em Palmela. Tanto ela como o marido, observaram todos os cavalos um a um, descobrindo os pormenores e as épocas de alguns dos tecidos e monstrando igual entusiasmo por todos eles. Acabaram por se ir embora, com um cartão e intenções de comprar mais tarde, online, por não conseguirem decidir. Voltaram dali a algum tempo, depois de terem visto o pôr do sol do alto do castelo de Palmela. Enquanto lhes fazia perguntas sobre o Japão, escolheram os dois o Flower e ficámos amigos. Telefonaram-me hoje para nos encontrarmos em Lisboa antes partirem para Tokyo. Flower vai ter a sorte de comer sushi sempre que lhe apetecer.

O Greeeeen vive no Chiado num dos prédios mais bonitos de Lisboa.

O Mistral vive aqui perto, rodeado de amigos e de carinho da nova dona. Sei que se sentiu logo em casa quando ali chegou. Anda contente. O Pop deixa hoje o atelier para ir morar com eles.

Desenho compulsiva e constantemente cavalos, não sei há quanto tempo. Era natural que um dia se materializassem e me aparecessem assim.

Mas notem que digo cavalos de forma genérica. Na realidade, todas elas são éguas.
Vê-se logo.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Graças aos horários desencontrados das duas feiras consegui mesmo estar nas duas.
O contacto com públicos completamente diferentes no mesmo dia, o montar da banca conforme o sítio e as pessoas e até a diferença de temperatura fizeram da experiência uma viagem fantástica.
Para mim, que quase não saio do meu lugar atrás da banca, os grandes protagonistas das feiras são as pessoas que nos visitam. O contacto com as pessoas fascina-me e o êxito de uma feira é proporcional à qualidade, diversidade e interesse de quem me visita. Nesse aspecto, o fim de semana revelou-se genial.
Muito obrigada, visitas, clientes, amigas/os e colegas de feira.