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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


CAT'S HOT LAMP, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

MISSING. One day, my most beloved kitten decided that London cats were better lovers. She left with a black cat, wearing nothing but lipgloss. Her bed still smells like vanilla, her furs coats are hanging in the closet, her diamonds leashes are waiting for her, her bowl is full of candies. It is so sad when you loose a cat, such a painful emptyness, feeling guilty and deceived, leaving the backdoor opened all night in case she comes back, showing photos and asking questions to neighbours, eyes burning, wearing dark sunglasses for hiding so much crying and sleepess nights... It hurts so much I could not stand reality so choosed to make up the story that she left in a golden bus, heading London because shopping is really great there and the perfect place for romance and even for success. A choice taken by free will, something I would respect. But, to be honest I tell you that the only thing that keeps me alive is the belief that one day she will know that the black cat is nothing but trash, London is cold without her old favourite fur coat, her mummy's is the only true love and she will take a golden speedy plane and come back to me. By free will. Home is the right place to heal, and a special kitten's life can be colourful, warm and full of love and of light. Like the effects on this lamp. Wire structure, covered with a collage of several layers of coloured and painted rice paper, can stand on the floor or on a shelf, or be hanged on a wall. Glowing orange, blue and red light and featuring a painted silly happy clumsy cat reminding me that my missing kitten is the light of my life. (This lamp can only be purchased by cats' unconditionnal lovers , if you to buy it, mail me or post a comment with proofs of your unconditionnal love for cats).


At 11:48 AM, Blogger AMA said...

Sorry to read about Your Cat!!
How long had she been gone?
I know Cats that came home after several months, som mabye there´s still hope?

Tjing!! /A


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