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Friday, January 14, 2005


Spanish bird, originally uploaded by planeta hilda.

Some birds are free, some are not. Same with people. People from some devasted countries ruled by military dictatorships in Asia can't even have the right to get help after the tsunami's effects. That is the case of the burmese people, whose government is more interested on concealing its moves than on revealing the situation. Accepting help from the outside world means too much exposition.
Get information at the Foundation for the People of Burma and find out how to help.

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Knit with Rebecca online. Nice knits, tips and downloadable free patterns.

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Have some fun sending Garn ecards.

Feel the pleasure of reading Marta and Urraca, whose blogs I read daily. Meet Sabine, whom I have recently discovered. And enjoy their Madrid Knitting Meetup Blog: Tertulia madrileña de punto. The first posts are great! Congratulations, this is a generous, brilliant idea.

And please be free and have the best weekend ever.


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